Saturday, 27 June 2009

And on the seventh day, he made Rolf.

Got up bright and early and made my way through an all-but-deserted site to get to the press tent nice and early, only to find myself queuing outside as if I was in some communist country (although, obviously a third world country that has music festivals, lots of journalists and free wi-fi.) Could have had an extra hour in the sleeping bag, or at least a bacon butty if I'd known.

I think I managed to snatch around three hours sleep, things didn't seem to quiet down until almost sunrise, I've got one of those bodybag-shaped sleeping bags and I was obviously cold at some point last night and pulled the draw string thing so it was all over my head, with just a letterbox for my eyes. This caused a surprising amount of panic this morning as I tried to free myself. Felt a little like an escapologist, but I triumphed in the end.

I feel as if I've been here forever, I've seen and done so much. Met up with my colleagues, had a few drinks and then went very bad celeb spotting. We did spot Howard Marks, and someone who was either a Basement Jaxx or a Chemical Brother, drag-queen Jodie Harsh, someone who claimed to be Jason Mraz, but most likely wasn't, that bloke from the BBC who used to be on Newsround and someone we thought was Thierry Henry, but wasn't.


After rocking out to Neil, Cat and me walked up to the stone circle to see the festival at night from what's probably the highest point. It's so beautiful. When you look at it and see the scope of the thing, it's just breathtaking. All lit up with fires and lights, lasers filling the sky, noise and music and people everywhere - this magical city that springs up and vanishes in the space of a week.

Met a journalist from the FT yesterday. For the life of me I can't figure out why the FT are here. Today sees Rolf Harris and Spinal Tap take to the stage, as well as Bruce Springsteen. More interested in Rolf, honestly - he was amazing in 2002 - but we'll see where the day takes me.

I've given up on the weather forecast and have taken to cloud watching. Today the skies are blue and the clouds are fluffy and it just goes to show what The Guardian know - even if they did name check me (sort of) on Twitter.

Anyway. Rolf's on in a minute. Better get moving. Wonder if he'll do Jake the Peg.