Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Are we there yet?

How exciting. Rolf Harris, Maximo Park, Spinal Tap, Kasabian, Blur, Neil Young Status Quo. The full line-up has been revealed, I'm obsessively clicking on long range weather forecasts and have found myself looking at welly boots and wondering if it's worth shelling out £16 for ones with little designs on, or if I should shun labels and dredge out the green pair I wore last year. (Although this would mean digging them out of the garage and a thorough inspection to make sure no spiders have moved in.) Not that I don't have faith in the weather of course.

I'm really excited about the festival this year - promises of a long hot summer and the first line up I've been excited about since Rage Against the Machine played there can't remember have made me come over all a-quiver.

Thoroughly looking forward to Rolf Harris. The guy's a legend and his stint on the Pyramid back in 2002 ranks up there as one of my all-time-best-Glastonbury-moments ever, (then again, my second would probably have to be The Wurzels last year, so let's not put too much stock in my musical taste.)

Quite looking forward to Blur, since the whole Brit-pop thing totally passed me by at the time and I've since found out that I kinda like some of their stuff.

And Neil Young. Neil Young. I can't wait. The idea of seeing him live is making me practically salivate with excitement.

In the office, we're all working our collective socks off on this year's festival preview and website, I've finally worked out how to make the Facebook page, somebody else is sorting out the Twitter thing so I don't have to and all in all things are starting to take shape.

I'm particularly excited about being able to blog while I'm out and about on the site (in theory, at least) and not being chained to the dodgy wireless connection in the press tent.

The whole festival is hanging in front of us, the festival site is taking shape on our doorstep and I. Cannot. Wait.


Mr T Lethaby Snr said...

Not forgetting "The Boss" on Saturday night. I'm excited about seeing Mr Young as well as I shall be celebrating my 60th birthday on the Friday. Maybe he could sing "Happy Birthday" to me...

Anonymous said...

I'm living in Thailand now so will miss all the fun. Especially gutted about Status Quo (sarcastic font)!

Laura said...

Anon - living in Thailand? Boy Howdy, how did you find this blog?