Sunday, 28 June 2009

Bit of a blur.

OK. All this videoing has killed my phone battery, so it's laptop only now. Except the press tent closes around the time Blur go on stage, so...yeaaah, I guess I'm technically off duty.

Gonna stash the laptop, make my last run to the Pyramid for Blur, and then join the mass exodus back to civilisation.

Think the real world is going to be something of a shock...been a little while since I was more than three feet from someone who didn't smell of cider, sweat and suncream.

Bring on the Blur!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much you have made it fun and interesting to read you really do have a special way with words thank you for the pics thank you for bringing Glasto to us enjoy the rest of the greatest show on earth.xxxxx from your number one fan.

Anonymous said...

It was like being there Ta.
BBC coverage was tastic this year.My ma 86 tells me she had a relly late night watching Glasto
on tele.

Laura said...

Anon & Mum :) - thanks for reading and your comments! Much appreciated.