Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Get packing... it really just over a week until the gates open? Have any of you started packing? Not a single pant, I'm guessing.

Glastonbury essentially requires you surviving for around 5 days without a decent toilet and without a shower and as much fun as festivals are, you’d be surprised how much misery an itchy bum, blister or soaked jeans can inflict, no matter how much alcohol you consume.

1. Toilet Roll – dear God, do not forget your toilet roll. Festival toilets are quite rightly infamous, and you can’t call yourself a festival-goer until you’ve balanced precariously over a pyramid of poo in a stinking portable toilet. Do not forget toilet roll. It’s a tiny bit of civilisation to keep with you at all times.

2.Bin Bags – Never underestimate the power of a black bag. They carry things, they act as rubbish collectors, they double-up as handy waterproofs and they can even be used as emergency wellies if yours get stuck in a squelchy bit somewhere.

3. Baby Wipes – The closest you’re going to get to a shower for at least three days. A quick scrub down in the tent with some baby wipes may only remove the surface layer of grime, but trust me, they’re better than nothing.

4. Tent - Well, duh.

5. Clothes – Bit of a no-brainer, but chose what you take carefully. Tents aren’t exactly known for their impenetrable security, so taking your bestest clothes isn’t smart. And if it rains, they will end up pretty much ruined. Take gear that you don’t mind getting nicked or destroyed… but is still cool enough to pose in. And take something warm for the nights.

6. Something to carry water in – your tent won’t have plumbing and you’ll have to queue for water. Yes, it’s annoying but the Water Aid films they show at the Pyramid will soon remind you how lucky you really are.

7. Towel - Simples. You will get wet. Even if it doesn’t rain, some bright spark will squirt you with a water pistol, the crowd will part and a dubious bottle will burst on the ground near you, someone’ll dump their pint of cider over your head or you’ll fall over near the taps. It’s not easy to dry off in a tent, so take a towel.

8. Snacks – Festival food can be expensive, so stock up on crisps and cereal bars to save your pocket from getting a real hammering.

9. Suncream – sunburn sucks.

10. Wellies – Better safe than sorry. You will be able to buy them from the stalls on site, but just watch the prices shoot up the moment a solitary rain drop hits the hallowed Worthy Farm soil.

11. A little bag - Take a small bag to keep all your cash/fags/keys in – that way if some scrote does break into your tent, it won’t be the end of the world. Very useful for carrying snacks and water too. The 2009 summer season dictates that you carry bags in bright and juicy colours, featuring optimistic images, and are covered with an abundance of ornaments and flowers. So there.

12. Anti-bacterial hand gel. Sales of this stuff rocket before Glastonbury and the chances of you being able to pick it up anywhere in the days before the festival are pretty slim. Buy it now. This minute, even.

13. Sunglasses – protect your delicate ocular…orbs from the harsh glare of the sun, which I’ve decided that we are totally going to have.

14. Painkillers – again, available on site but at vastly inflated prices. Take your own and save yourself a fortune.

15. Hat – there see, you /should/ bring a hat. Not showering for however many days means that your hair will most certainly do a thing and may even take on a life of it’s own. You have been warned.

...OK, get interactive. Add your festival must-haves here. Do it now. You know you want to.

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Stabbygrrrl said...

Extra tent pegs will save your life - or someone elses.

Anonymous said...

ear plugs are good if u want some shut eye..

Domino said...

Decent socks are a must, and gel insoles to keep your feet comfy for longer.

Anonymous said...

crocs shoes! really comfy!!1!

paige said...

sleeping bag? lol1!!