Sunday, 28 June 2009

Status update

Have..ooh, celeb. VV Brown just walked past me and gave me smile. Score one celeb for me. Not that it's a competition or anything.

Sorry, where was I?

Have just returned from the mighty Quo. They may only know three chords but they know how to use them. Have thoroughly enjoyed practising my one-shoulder-dance in the crowd for Quo, and joining in with the songs I know. Since most of their songs sound the same, I was singing the wrong words pretty much all the time, but I enjoyed myself and that's all that matters.

The cloud cover today is a welcome relief from yesterdays baking heat, but it's humid and I'm sat outside the press tent, in a field and feeling very rural. Micheal Eavis was due to give a press conference today, but like the rock n' roll god he is, he showed up late and was immediately surrounded by a gaggle of reporters and paps, so I headed for the Pyramid instead.

(Where's Eavis?)

Sister's plan to 'meet near Funky Fish and Chips' at the Pyramid proved a bit of a non-starter, since at least half the food places in a ten mile radius is called that. In the end we navigated using flags ("..left at the smiley face..then head to the pink Rolf flag...then..can you see the Cornish flag? We're not near that.") in a manner that would make my seafaring ancestors proud - if I had any.

Quo were good fun. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, so fair play to 'em. Rockin' all over the world was one of those Glastonbury moments where the whole festival seemed to be singing at once. I'm pretty sure that Blur's parklife will be the same. And everything Tom Jones sings. Oh, and Madness. Think I'll just camp out at the Pyramid today.

..I'm really looking forward to today. This is the first Glastonbury I've been to where I've seen so many acts - there's generally nothing musically that interests me too much, but this year's line-up has been sheer genius. Beginning to suspect I may have the best job in the world.

Think.. Trash City next, presuming I can find Cat n' Co. If not...who knows?

The exodus from the site has already started - lots of people lugging tents and bags around - possibly loading up their cars so they can bolt the moment Blur roll of stage. Hopefully - I can't figure why anyone would want to miss a moment of this.


Anonymous said...

Wow so your the blogger eh.

Laura said...

Nah. That's my stunt double.