Friday, 26 June 2009

Waterproof goes on, waterproof goes off...

Just come back from a bit of exploring, but sadly I didn't get very far. Am currently sat in the press tent, sandwiched between a dutch photographer and a spanish news team. 

Declined the offer to check out the cider bus (it's not very Somerset, I know, but I've not been able to look a pint of cider in the face since The Wurzel Incident (tm) and went for a trundle around the site. Sadly, a random attack of paranoia and stopping and starting every three minutes to put on the waterproof, and then take it right off again, slowed progress slightly.

Was reassured to find the Thunderbirds (as in 'are gooooooo') on the site, as well as Robin and Robin (apparently Batman was busy). A friend of mine (who was dressed as either John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, or Disco Stu, I'm not sure which) was hugged by a stranger in a gorilla suit, a couple in flower-power gear were kind enough to pose for a snap and I've twice been swept off the path by oblivious campers inexplicably carrying fully inflated airbeds around, and suddenly turning around and wiping out everyone behind them.

The mud's..yeah, it's back. It's not like 2007 when it was cold and wet, we seem to be getting pretty decent temperatures, almost humid, so instead of walking you feel a bit like you're swimming through the air. Except..that generally you're skidding around in mud and pinwheeling your arms around.

Have it on very good authority that by 9am 131,000 people were on site (beginning to suspect that they may all be journalists or music execs), 1,000 people have been treated in the medical stations.

No clue what the weather is going to do. Don't care anyway. It's Glastonbury, I'm here and it's fan-freaking-tastic.


Anonymous said...

Love the costumes! Wish I was there!!

Anonymous said...

The waether should be okay for to-day nothing like Friday rain you are not likely to get any today