Sunday, 28 June 2009


I was walking through the Green Fields on the way to the Cabaret with a couple of friends and there was a huge jet of fire and a blast of heat and despite the fact Ed was on in ten minutes, we decided to be journalistic and see if there had been some sort of disaster.

Instead, we found Arcadia, Trash City's younger, trashier sibling and spent far too long watching slack-jawed as someone dressed like a Borg drone presided over a fire-staff-wielding man and four silver-clad men dangling from rope as the stage exploded around them and NiN boomed out from the speakers.

Was honestly amazing, like nothing I have ever seen before and nothing you could explain. It was a wonderful reminder that even though I have been visiting this festival for longer than I care to remember and know my way around the site pretty well, there are still things that stop me in my tracks and make me reassess what I think about Glaston-berry and what it means to me.

How many times in your life do you see something you have never seen before? How many times do you see something so out of this world that you go "how did they even think of doing that?"

Ed Byrne was brilliant. Haven't laughed so hard since I saw my dad playing Wii Sports Boxing.

Was lovely in the comedy tent, everyone very friendly and relaxed.

Caught a bit of Springsteen. Electric atmosphere and the crowd was huge. Could hear them all across the site. I just...don't get Springsteen. But everyone else was having a blast and good for 'em.

Busy day tomorrow. Think this is the most bands I've ever seen at Glastonbury. In fact, I'm sure of it.

Battery's low, so better call it a night.


Anonymous said...

wow what a picture it looks amazing Trash City looks really something else do these people go around touring or something how do they plan it all out?

Sally said...

Mendip fine Michael as Bruce run over who cares apparently Michael said he'd pay. Mendip get life will you.

Stacie said...

The crowd watching Gaslight Anthem there faces they were just blown away when Bruce walked on and joined them what a treat gave me goosebumps.

Laura said...

I'm getting mix reviews on Bruce, some people said he was awesome, everone else said that he didn't play anything they knew.

Anon - No clue on Arcadia, sorry. I imagine it does move around the country, but I couldn't even begin to guess where they'd go. Possibly after the festival the ground opens back up and they go back to their home dimension.