Friday, 7 August 2009

Rumours, rumours

It's.. um.. a long time till the next festival. I could look it up, but I can't really be bothered and no-one really cares exactly how many days it is anyway. Already the rumours are starting to fly on next year's event, with U2, the Rolling stones and Madonna being mentioned as "totally-definately-maybe-might-be-but-probably-aren't" playing.

I love the rumours. It's one of the best things about the festival. A bit like getting ready for a night out, but lasting much much longer, and without having to worry about whether you should go for the red one, or the blue one.

Heard that Michael Eavis is hoping to open the gates on Tuesday next year. Apparently they can handle 50,000 people a day without causing too much of a crisis on the roads, and it's hoped that by opening the gates a day early there won't be a repeat of this year's Traffic Chaos (tm). This idea raises some interesting questions - will people just leave earlier for the festival to get their money's worth? Will it just bring chaos-to-the-roads a day earlier?

And more importantly, just how bad will people smell after going Tuesday to Monday, in a tent, with little access to showers and a decent toilet?

Just looks pretty much like any other farm now, huh?


Anonymous said...

Oh so different now

HeavyLight said...

One of the problems with opening the gates earlier is that all the crew and equipment have to be onsite a day earlier too, increasing the hire and wages costs by as much as 20%.

Anonymous said...

There was a festival there? I'll be damned. Where'd all the trash go? Under the little brown thing on the right?