Tuesday, 29 June 2010

..and we're off!

So the dust has settled on the 40th Glastonbury festival and SOME of us are back at work.

And wasn't it a corker? From the full moon, to the beautiful weather, to the shiny, happy, people in silly clothes, to the acts and the utter lunacy of Block 9, Shangri-la and Arcadia, this year it was something very special indeed.

For a couple of the people I've spoken to, this year it was full of 'moments' - when you're walking around and you see something and for no reason at all you find yourself getting sentimental and emotional. Whether it's two people who look so in love, looking around and seeing the whole crowd with a giant smile on it's collective faces, or around 20,000 people obligingly making the noise of a Vuvuzela in the hope of cheering up The Wurzels.

From the smile on Gary Stringer's face, to the round of applause he got for overexcitedly trying to put his guitar on upside down. From a beach ball sailing into the men's urinals at the Pyramid stage and a hand coming up from behind the screen to bop it back into the air, to the sun setting over the Pyramid stage, once again, the whole thing was just magical and reality seems dull and harsh in comparison.

I can't begin to describe the colour of what was streaming off me when I finally got a shower, and I'm pretty sure that I still have bits of Worthy Farm lodged in my lungs, in my hair and embedded beneath my finger nails. It can stay there, honestly, a little bit of Glastonbury Festival to carry around with me as a reminder.

...maybe not, actually.

Admittedly, it's nice not to be coated in suncream, sweat, dust and mysterious bits of black plastic. It's been nice getting sleep, and being able to use a toilet without being met by a steaming pyramid of...well, you know.

The good news is that there will be a festival next year, despite the fact that really it should have been a fallow year. And you know what else? Traditionaly - and annoyingly, usually - there's always beautiful weather on a fallow year.

Michael Eavis says he's already got the headliners booked for next year - ready to speculate, people? - and the countdown to 2011 starts here.

I'm sorry, because I'm not quite ready to give up the blog, so there'll be updates and stories over the next couple of weeks - I still owe Crocs a review - there's still pictures I didn't get around to uploading, and of course, they'll be news, reviews and complaints that I'll feel the need to share, or rant about over the coming months.

So, don't be sad that it's over. Because the countdown to 2011? Starts right here, right now.

And remember. Life begins at forty.


Anonymous said...

very well put.. it really was amazing this year!

bloodbank said...

I think it would be nice to say we are glad you have a friend in Jake from the scissor sisters and that the blog was as we expected it to be excellent well done and thank you for making us feel 'Wish you were here' Wurzels to open on the Pyramid that surely would put a smile on everyone's face.