Saturday, 26 June 2010

Hello, Saturday

I am slowly baking on a medium heat inside my sleeping bag and listening to the sound of the site waking up around me. The festival is oddly quiet, and the birds are singing and for a minute or so, you could be on any sedate campsite in the UK, if you can overlook the fact that the whole place was vibrating furiously to the sound of 500 different burger vans with their own sound-systems until Stupid o'clock.

I'm also getting paranoid that people around me will think that the man snoring a few tents down is me, and I have a strange urge to poke my head out and go "its not me! I may have hair like the Wild Woman of Borneo, and unidentifiable bits of black plastic stuck to my face, but I don't snore!"

I think the festival finally quietened down about the time the sun started to rise. So you can have darkness, or quiet, but not both.

I can very happily report that despite a small blister between my toes, the Crocs are a total godsend. My feet don't ache at all.

Wristbands glow in the dark this year. Bit weird and gives the general, disconcerting impression that your hand is haunted.

Busy day today. Reef, Coheed & Cambria and The Wurzels. Oh, and Muse.

Slash clashes with the footy tomorrow. Hrm. Iconic guitarist or support my country? I'll probably get deported, but I think it has to be Slash. I can rock out and be supportive, right?

Ok. Phone has in explicably gone from half charge to "wait, sorry, did I say half? I meant hardly any," so time for breakfast, the laptop and whatever happens en route.


Anonymous said...

Haunted hand? Awesome.

Coheed, Muse, and Slash? I hate you. Have fun.