Sunday, 27 June 2010

In Denile

I'm accidentally stalking Camp Denile. This is clearly not the plan, since they are not Slash.

But every crowd I'm in, no matter where I stand, a few moment later I look around and there's the Camp Denile flag. They seem a nice bunch, friendly enough and I'm sure they're very nice people, but I'm a bit worried they're going to think that I'm following them around.

Unless they're following me. Maybe Camp Denile is a sinister cult and they're trying to lure me in with their siren-esque flag.

I wish today was Saturday. That Slasherday thing would work so much better then.

The heat is dividing the revellers. Some are saying it's too hot, others are loving it. Some are missing the rain and the mud. I don't miss the mud, even a little bit. Getting around the site is so much easier without it, and the parts of me that usually end up aching, aren't. The heat does make things difficult, though. There's sunburn, and we've managed to drink our way through all the big bottles of Glastonbury Spring Water, which is pretty good going.

Slightly odd highlights of the weekend have included Drum n' Bass musical statues at the Village Disco, which is one of those things that really needs to be seen to appreciate. Andy's claim that he was going to text me with a new challenge every day has fallen spectacularly flat, with him so far managing to suggest I became one of Snoop Dogg's lady friends, and then sending me a joke about how Bono hurt his back (too close to The Edge, oh-ho.)

The deeper, darker places of the site have becoming crazy popular this year. Shangri-la, Block 9, Arcadia, The Unfair Fairground - at night they're so busy you can't get anywhere near them, but if you can face the crowds, they're well worth checking out if you've got the chance. The Glade was amazing yesterday, the lights so bright that it may as well have been daylight, and the music so loud that it turns your insides to mush. Even if you don't like dance music (which I don't, really) it's worth a walk up there just to experience these places at night.

It's great that so many people have realised that there's more to the festival than The Pyramid and the Other. Even the Green fields seem busier this year as people take advantage of the dry weather to explore places they can't face wandering up to in bad weather.

Which..I think is what I'm going to do.


Anonymous said...

Picture unrelated?

I suppose hot and dusty is easier to traverse in than mud. Though 'Green fields' sound sort of boring next to 'Arcadia' or 'Shangri-la'.

Laura said...

Picture is VERY unrelated, it's my chum, Dom. Not sure what was meant to be there instead, but...I'm sure he won't mind.