Friday, 25 June 2010

It's a scorcher!

By jove, its hot.

You'll have to ignore poor typing, the wireless connection in the press tent is down and I'm using my thumb of fire to tap-tap-tap this into the BlackBerry.

Rolf! On the pyramid! With a sore throat and saying rude words! I am shocked and stunned. Like hearing your gran swear.

Rolf treated us to a very appropriate Sun Arise as well as the songs we've come to expect from the guy and animal hospital jokes about the dog in "The Irish Rover".

Hi Tom, Tim and Anonymous.

Tom, no idea about the web cam, but promise to harrass the first copper I see.

Tim, yes, I do indeed look like a goth donkey, except now I look like a hot, flustered goth donkey, which isn't much of an improvement.

Did I mention the heat? Because its so very hot. The press tent is at least 500 degrees centigrade and I'm slowly melting into a puddle.

Festival is lovely, what I have seen of it so far (camping field, pyramid, random juice bar and press tent) and according to my step counter (I am NOT typing pedometer into this thing...wait...) I have walked a mere 4713 steps so far.

Have managed to bump into the lead singer of Maybe Myrtle Turtle (recognised the mustache) who told me the band would be busking at castle cary station on Monday. I love MMT, and am mildly jealous of the train people who will get to be entertained by them.

Also bumped into the one, the only Justice, scourge of the old CSG forums. Took me a bit before I twigged who he was (nice girl, not too bright) and have vaguely arranged to meet him for a drink afterwards.

Ok. It is way too hot to be here anymore. And my thumb hurts. I'm off for a wander, once I've put my flip flops on. Thanks crocs, let's see how they handle worthy farm!



Anonymous said...

Hot eh? Is that better than pouring rain and mud?

That sky looks suspiciously blue.

Tom Stephenson said...

Say hello to Justice for me. Tell him he's a c***.

Timothy said...

Naturally, since I said not to drown in the mud, the weather would go in a completely opposite direction.