Saturday, 26 June 2010

News update.

The lead singer of the band on at the Other Stage at the moment looks about twelve. Wonder if his mum knows he's here.

News update:

277 total reported crimes, down 13 on 290 last year at same time, including 156 thefts, 96 drugs, 6 assaults (none very serious), 8 thefts from person (pickpocketing - down from 17 at this time last year).

93 total arrests, including 77 drugs, 5 thefts, 3 assaults.

Other, non-crime items:

Best t-shirt: bearded man in a purple skirt and a t shirt reading "Hi Dad, I'm Gaelic".

No shows: Mos Def (death in family), Green MP Caroline Lucas, Banksy.

Sign at Tesco Shepton Mallet: "Due to being an open food environment, we request that tops and shoes be worn at all times."

Contradiction of the festival: Promoting from the main stage the Stop Hinkley campaign against the nuclear power station, while the pylons crossing the festival site carry nuclear-generated electricity from the Hinkley power station.

Billy Bragg's verdict on the new government: "The trouble with David Cameron and George Osbourne is they haven't been to Glastonbury."

Spotted: BBC's Andrew Marr backstage wearing the festival's required trilby hat nodding enthusiastically to a Billy Bragg song about third world debt.


Tom Stephenson said...

Andrew Marr was probably employed to vigorously nod so that the wind generated by his ears kept Billy Bragg cool.