Sunday, 27 June 2010


As of 4pm Saturday 297 crimes, down from 318 at same time last year, including 171 thefts (such as those from tents) and 98 drugs-related, with 96 arrests, mostly for drugs, with 5 for theft and 3 for assault.

Bouncing baby: At the Michael Eavis talk at the Acoustic stage Saturday, mention was made of "Reubin, aged 1 and a half days" being in the audience, having been born at Glastonbury.

Not so cool: media people sleeping in their cars with the engine running to have the air conditioning on...

Two bites of the cherry: Greenpeace chuggers - charity muggers - asking festival fans to donate to the organisation that has alreday benefitted by millions from the festival's ticket sales...

Go figure: was that ex-Countdown whizz Carol Vorderman we saw enjoying the backstage hospitality on Saturday?

In the Pilton pantheon: Eavis was greeted like a rock star at his talk at the Acoustic stage Saturday, with interviewer Johnny Walker of BBC Radio 2 adding: "This is a god by the name of Michael Eavis."

ME for PM? Biggest cheer of the talk came when Walker suggested that Eavis, who failed to get elected as Labour MP for Wells some years ago, would have made a good Prime Minister.

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Tom Stephenson said...

Greenpeace are a bunch of self-serving adventurers,