Sunday, 27 June 2010

Thank you

And, now, the end is near.

The sun has set, the site is full of traders trying to get rid of their stock and people desperately chugging 24 packs of Carlsberg because they don't want to carry it home but don't feel right throwing it away.

Its been an amazing couple of days. Just amazing. The universe was smiling on us, the weather was beautiful, the people were friendly. I'm ignoring the World Cup thing, sorry.

That Sunday night feel of regret and detemination hangs in the air, sorry that the party is ending, but determined to enjoy every last moment before the real world claws us back in.

A huge thank you. To the hundreds of thousands of new best friends I made, to the security staff, the police, the backstage guys, the riggers, the acts, the bin painters, the litter pickers, and of course, the Eavises.

To Ollie, Fi, Jason and Justice for their company. To my sister for her uncanny phone GPS service.

To Jake Shears for the hug and words that meant SO much.

To the universe for the weather, to Crocs who allowed me my first festival when I wasn't in desperate foot pain after just a few hours.

Thank you for reading, especially thank you for the comments, Tim, Tom, bloodbank and anonymouses.

I will check back in over the next few days and of course, because I like nothing better than the sound of my own voice, from tomorrow we start counting down to next year.

Drive safely, take care, and enjoy your own beds, and a well earned shower.

I'm officially off duty, but catch you soon for the post mortum.



Anonymous said...

No, thank you for pictures of a place we can't go to. Good stuff.

...Nah just kidding, you can thank us too. Cause we're awesome.

I really have earned my bed and a shower haven't I?