Monday, 4 April 2011

Stop press: Blogger actually excited about an act!

Hold the front page - an act that I'm excited about has been announced! Los Angeles-based Celtic-punks Flogging Molly have announced they'll be hopping onto a plane to join the fun and games at the farm in June.

FM probably won't actually be flogging anyone called Molly.

Oooh, I loves me a bit of punk, and I loves me a bit of celtic and Flogging Molly are my third favourite faux-Irishmen after Father Jack and the Dropkick Murphys. Actually, I think the lead-singer of Flogging Molly is probably actually Irish (as opposed to Irish American, who are basically Americans who think they're Irish despite the fact they probably couldn't locate the country on a map, because their great-great-great Grandfather was from the auld country.)
Irish. Honest.
Come to think of it, I seem to remember the first time I'd even heard of the Dropkicks was when I happened to be trundling past the Other Stage one year and was stopped dead in my tracks by the sight of someone lying flat on their back on the stage, playing the bagpipes. Certainly not something you see every day, and I enjoyed it enough to hunt down a few CDs and they earned a permanent spot on my playlists.

Blimey and begorrah, it's the Dropkick Murphys!
Glastonbury's introduced me to a few of my all-time favourite bands. From the Dropkicks I found Flogging Molly - and my love affair (not literally, of course) with Gogol Bordello began after they distracted me as I made a mad-dash past the Pyramid in 2007. I love Gogol Bordello. They've been compared to "The Clash-and-the-Pogues-having-a-fight-in-Eastern-Europe", and on the strength of that wonderful moment on the Pyramid, they went on to become one of my favourite bands EVER. It's a widely-known fact (well, in my head, anyway) that I plan to walk down the aisle to American Wedding, although my Mum wasn't too thrilled by that particular announcement.
Jagshemash! My name a Gogol Bordello.

...anyway. Where was I?

Flogging Molly. Awesome. Haven't managed to catch them live, and thoroughly looking forward to the chance to do so.

...provided they don't clash with the Wurzels, of course.


The said...

Sounds like 'Why' to me must be the fiddle.

Tom Stephenson said...

I hear the Pins did well last saturday...