Friday, 24 June 2011

Biff, bash, bosh.

Made it to the Pyramid and into a lovely, friendly crowd for Biffy. There was much drinking of strawberry cider, a little rain and speakers so powerful that they made my Regatta waterproof shake.

Biffy took to the stage having forgotten to put their shirts on to a song I vaguely recognised and played some other songs I didn't recognise, and more that I didn't. Regardless, it was good to be back in front of the stage, and I have decided that I might as well go along and see U2 after all. If nothing else, at least I know more of their songs than I know of Biffy's, and that was fun enough.

Spot the Biffy

There's some super hats out there - animals and indian head-dresses seem to be the order of the day, so at times you need to be a bit careful that you don't get wiped out by the reincarnation of Big Chief Whitewash's ceremonial headdress, or a knitted version of Elmo.

The flags are also pretty cool. I think my favourite so far is one which reads simply 'We're happy, because we eat lard'. I think it's something we all need to know during difficult times. Another was a medium sized yellow flag, with 'Medium sized yellow flag' on it. Attack the Wheel are also back - I vaguely remember using them as a direction point last year when trying to find someone or another and simply following them around until someone came to fetch me.

The sun's gone down and it's pretty cold now, and of course the damp doesn't help anything. As yet, instead of making it to the Stone Circle, Shangri-La or any of the other slightly scary places, I made it to a van and bought some cheesy potato wedges instead. Look, shut up, I have to eat. 

Just spent an unproductive half hour lurking around in the hospitality area and celeb spotting. Saw Lauren Laverne, Professor Green, Plan B, Kevin Bishop (apparently so famous I had to point him out to the paps), Harry Enfield and it Brian Cox, that scientist guy on TV? And Zane Lowe, again.

Celeb spotting list stuck in the backstage lock-ups

So, the current plan is to see U2 - I'll try to blog from the stage, but I don't seem to be having much luck with that this year, those damn ley-lines again, but I'll upload any photos as soon as I can.

(Basically, what happens is this. The stage is set, the music is loud enough to make the soggy earth tremble, the crowd are going mad, and I'm tapping into a phone, then swearing like mad when I get the inevitable 'network error', rinse and repeat, ad nauseum, miss the entire show.)

..right. Anyway. U2, then Arcadia/Shangri-La/Block 9 or something along those lines. Good plan.