Sunday, 26 June 2011


It's one extreme to the other here. Yesterday I'm shivering and wrapped up in fourteen layers and sludging around in mud, today I'm in a pretty sundress and sweating in all sorts of places. Like my ears, for example. My /ears/.

Met up with a friend today (thankfully, this time, he decided not to blog on my behalf (I got him back by stealing his phone and texting his male cousin to tell him he thought he was in love with him. I'm nothing if not mature.) and was approached by a man wearing what looked like a crop sprayer offering to spray him.

Left him to deal with that, as I'd already written it off as one the wandering performers, but it turned out he was a volunteer from Medicines sans Frontiers who've been misting people as if they were houseplants in the hope of helping to keep them cool.

MSF volunteer looking for his next spraying victim.
It's the little details that count. Although I did decline the invitation, fearing some sort of wet t-shirt debarcle.