Friday, 24 June 2011

Living on a lilo

When I was a little younger, there was a song I really loved, called To be with You, by Mr Big. Because I was in my teens and music was therefore the only thing that understood me, I used to get incredibly upset when my sister, who hadn't listened to the words as intently as me thought the chorus went 'living on a lilo', when he was actually singing about 'living on a line of greens and blues' - which, to be fair, doesn't make much sense either.

But my sister, bless her, did have a bit of a brainwave when it came to our festival preparations - to take in a couple of lilos to sleep on. More comfy than a camping roll, lighter than an airbed. One of the first things we did after arriving on site was spend twenty minutes huffing and puffing into the lilos, getting lightheaded and giggly in the process.

So I guess that she wasn't being churlish by tormenting me and singing 'living on a lilo' at me when we were younger, but actually demonstrating clairvoyant skills, foreseeing what we'd be doing in a festival gawd-knows-how-many-years later.

I'm off to sell her into psychic slavery in the Green Fields for a small fortune, or maybe a free organic smoothie and a shiatsu massage.


Anonymous said...

I /know/ this song! Just one of those Required Listening things maybe. Songs Everyone Knows. that'd be a good mix tape.

Not sure how you get living on a lilo out of that, but clearly I am not allowed to question psychic might. You shouldn't sell her off though, just harness her. There's an obscure remark she's made years ago that'll tell you who will win the next World Cup.