Thursday, 23 June 2011

Stress, what stress?

Well, the good news - for me, at least - is that I have a very slow wireless connection. I can't tell you how much I was looking forward to trying to tap these entries out on a smartphone, honestly.

OK, the coverage isn't that great from the site, and the blogs I tried to post from notable places (the bar, the bar, another bar, and a long-drop) don't appear to have gone through, so here's a brief update of the last few hours.

Mud. We has it.           

Yes, somewhere under there /is/ a pair of (very comfy, it has to be said) wellies. It's muddy. At the moment, it's all adding to the fun - slidey, but drying out nicely, sticky - enough to give you that adrenaline boost when you think it's going to be sucked off your foot, and liquid enough in places to make your inner-child splash around happily.

In other news, I spotted a 'caution - choking hazard' warning printed on the inside of my welly. Quite why anyone would want to put a welly in their mouth is beyond me, but if you did, I'm almost certain you /would/ choke on it.

After I found the mud, I found (fanfare, please...)

Well, hello there.

Apple-based refreshment. In a lager cup.  Funny how much every bit of technology I'd dragged onto the site with me failing didn't seem to matter so much after that.

THEN it really was time for a wander. Mostly aimlessly, I wandered with my sister, cradling my cider from the masses and just taking in the atmosphere. When the main stages aren't open the rest of the site is so much busier as people explore all the nooks and crannies. Within a few moments of going near the market, my sister was wearing a floral garland in her hair and squeeeing over some admittedly cool hats. A few miles of slipping and sliding in the mud, bouncing gently off people and we'd somehow ended up in the Green Fields, and met up with one of my sister's friends, and another of his friends who somehow managed to convince us both that he'd walked to the festival from Essex. I was /this/ close to whipping out my notebook when he admitted the whole thing was a giant hoax and he'd come by bus.

We made our way back, while I geared myself up for another fight with the laptop, past two Bananamans, a man dressed as an ice-cream-cone (seriously, why do I worry about my wardrobe each year?), a lot of men in drag, and a fair few bumblebees.

I'm a happy camper!

I have no idea who that guy is. That's supposed to be a photo of one stage or another, but instead I seem to have got some guy dancing on a path. He seems happy enough though, and who can blame him?

Weather forecast for tomorrow is...good during the day, but not loving the look of that 'heavy rain' thing, from 7pm. Maybe if I scowl at the sky I can scare the clouds off. I'll give it a whirl, but first I need some food.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like great fun ;) .. don't forget to go and see the Wombles :)

Anonymous said...

Ice cream cones, bumblebees, bananas, dancing strangers.

God I wish I was there.

Maybe if it rains enough the whole place will sink and become mythical, like Atlantis.

...just a random thought.