Friday, 24 June 2011

We are Worthy.

So, again, it's all pictures of mud and sloshing around and people face-planting in three inches of muck. There's the photos of the stars, the stages, the stone circles and the inevitable photo of wellies and long-drops.

Obligatory photograph of long-drops.
But it's so, so much more than that. Trying to instill the spirit of Glastonbury into words is almost impossible - the feeling of having no idea where you are, but not being lost, of making 170,000 best friends - I think the festival described it on their Twitter feed as being 'invaded by the friendliest army on earth'.

And that's all it is. Everywhere you look, are smiling faces, people waving, dancing, hugging strangers, stopping random people and asking to take their photographs, dancing together, helping each other into and out of the mud, keeping an eye on each other and genuinely having a brilliant time.

I don't understand why the real world can't work like this. Yes, I'm fully aware that 24 hour partying and loud music and camping in tents isn't going to be a long-term solution to anything, but it's everything else that goes with h
it. No-one cares what they wear (ok, my sister probably does) or what they look like. You'll walk past a guy in drag, or a woman in fairy wings, or someone in a bin bag and you don't pass comment or judgment, just accept it for what it is.

For five days, we are a city who hugs, kisses, dances, laughs, dresses like idiots, makes friends with strangers, and smiles and waves at people without fear of someone thinking less of us for doing so. And it works..and why? What's really so different at Worthy Farm when compared to the rest of the world? We're still the same people - the only thing that changes is the location.

The feeling of solidarity is just amazing. I love this place. I love this festival.

We are the world's friendliest, soggiest army. We will take whatever the weather throws at us. We will dance in puddles, get stuck in the mud, wear bin-bags, and, hopefully tomorrow, we will flop around in the sun.  We will wear stupid hats, fairy wings, go to trapeze workshops and carry flags.

For five days, we are Worthy.


Anonymous said...


I can't try to make a dumb comment on that. That's genuinely moving. :) You put it into words fairly well.