Saturday, 29 June 2013

Good grief! It's sunny!

Proper sunny and warm. Official advice: Slap on the sunscreen, drink lots of water and don't drop your ice-cream.

Random band on bridge
Eventful couple of hours. Fuelled up on an amazing mac and cheese, then took a wander up to Shangri-La, Block 9 and the late-night zones. Yes, admittedly, I was a tad early, but they're reaaaaally far away. Those places are just amazing. The theme for Shangri-La this year is One man's heaven is another man's hell. It looks incredible up there - even when there's nothing much going on, it's well worth the trek up there to have a look around and see what they've created.

Shangri-La, Block 9 and all the mad, scary zones are..well..mad and scary, but we discovered the best milkshakes at the whole of the festival there. Dime bar milkshakes. So, so, so good.

Block 9 looks.. a little smaller this year, I think? I'm not sure. The block itself is terrifying, a decaying concrete tower which appears to have come a cropper to a Tube train. That train must've been going like a bat out of hell to fire out of the found and embed itself in the block like that. Yeesh.

Made a chaotic wander back through the theatre fields, wanting to check in and find out how the cardboard Tor was coming along (couldn't tell, to be honest) and to have a look at the ickle-Pilton for little clay versions of ourselves.

A mammoth game of Twister was taking place - because there's nothing better than tangling yourself you with a complete stranger who hasn't had a shower since Tuesday - and bore witness to the carnage that occurs when a mythical creature on stilts gets surrounded by a marching band playing I bet you look good on the dancefloor on kazoos.

That's really only the sort of thing that you can write at Glastonbury Festival, to be honest.

Watched a bit of skateboarding, and then moseyed down to the Pyramid Stage to sit in the sun and listen to Laura Mvula.

So far, so busy.

And just so much fun.


Anonymous said...

You made us wish we were here

Anonymous said...

Oh to get lost in so much music and dance hardwork and booze