Friday, 28 June 2013

Morning, campers!

I'm pleased to report I have not only successfully survived the night, but that I'm also feeling fresh as a daisy. Considering the circumstances - tent, rain, cold, sleeping on a lilo that squeaks every time I move, world's biggest festival - I slept pretty well.

(Every time my sister moved, and her lilo let out a 'pfffft!' noise, anguished, she shouted out 'THAT'S NOT MY BOTTOM!')

The tent looks like a bomb has hit it, though. I don't get camping. I put something down, it vanishes into a pile of sleeping bag and rucksacks instantly.

For the moment it's dry and the festival is just waking up after a night of partying. The mud is that slippy-slidey kind and it's claiming casualties. Last night there were people just a tad worse for wear tumbling over in it, and this morning I've already seen four ambulances heading in the general direction of people sat in the mud, clutching their ankles, surrounded by worried looking friends. If you're here, or about to be here, take it steady.

Everyone in the press tent tells me gleefully that from here on in, it's going to be dry. I hope that's true, but in true Glastonbury style the rain didn't stop anyone from having a good time. Especially Darren, one of my campsite neighbours who was being shouted at by an exasperated friend trying to lever him into his tent in the wee hours of the morning.

The incredible, combustible Arcadia stage
I love the Arcadia stage and it's been amazing watching it grow over the past few festivals. From reasonably humble beginnings, with a tiny, but impressive stage, this year they've rolled out a War of the Worlds-style fire breathing giant insect stage, complete with pincers. It attracted a reasonable amount of attention last night as it belched fireballs into the air - 2013 and we're still impressed with fire - you've got to love humanity.

Michael Eavis. And some camera phones.
Last night was pretty fun. We retreated to the tent to wait out the worst of the rain, before venturing out for a burger (£6). Michael Eavis appeared briefly to talk about the charity work the festival has funded - resplendent in shorts and sandals, while everyone else sunk slowly into the mud in their wellies. We joined a queue and ended up being given a free massive wedge of cheese, some bread and a pickled onion for our troubles, caught a performance by Emerging Talent content winners Stornoway and bought pancakes because..well..just because. What else are you going to do?

The Pyramid at night. Not on fire and therefore much less interesting.
The choice of food here is amazing. There are 350 different food traders on site, and, as Michael Eavis proudly mentioned yesterday, 5,000 toilets. Between 210,000 revellers, performers, staff and traders. Still, that's no excuse for peeing on the farm, yes, I'm talking to you, the girl who dropped her kecks in the Other Stage field last night, circled by her friends. You do know passing strangers were taking photos of you, right?

My sister informs me that I will be going to watch someone I've never heard of today. I suppose that it had to happen eventually, that whole seeing-a-band-thing. The press tent is pretty much deserted at the moment as everyone has run off to catch Liam 'I'll never play Glastonbury again' Gallagher in the act of playing Glastonbury again.

My sister informs me she has just papped Nick Grimshaw. And yesterday she spotted Caroline Flack.

Time to sample some of the festival's food and for a bit of a wander. Moving over to Twitter for the moment, and back again later.

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Raccoon said...

Ooh, fire.

And ooh, possibly famous people I should probably know but don't.

Anonymous said...

Its fantastic as good as the grommets arriving in Bristol

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