Friday, 19 June 2009

99 problems for The Boss?

Last year it was Jay-Z and one of the interchangeable Gallagher boys grabbing the headlines as the mono-browed mancunian said that it was just wrong to have rapper at Glastonbury, apparently forgetting that The Roots, Cypress Hill, Goldie Looking Chain and Roots Manuva had all played at the festival in the past.

This year, however, King Noel, the patron saint of festivals, has given the line-up his seal of approval and we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief, knowing he has given his blessing - apart from Franz Ferdinand, at least.

Wot, no controversy? Can it be so?

No, no. It's alright, Sean Lennon, has bravely stepped into the breach (i.e jumped onto the bandwagon) to complain about a headliner. Sean, it seems, doesn't approve of Springsteen and has called the fact that the Eavis' booked him 'shocking'.

Quite what the incredibly rich, famous and talented Mr Springsteen thinks of this hasn't been reported, but I don't imagine that he's sobbing broken-heartedly into his nineteen Grammy Awards, two Golden Globes or his Academy Award over it (they'd get rusty, after all.)

Course, last year, Jay-Z flew in the face of controversy and came out swinging, winning over fans, boosting his sales and generally silencing the non-believers, yo.

Whether or not The Boss will swagger out onto the stage on Saturday night, and defiantly lead the crowd into a cover of Sean’s 2006 smash-hit single Dead Meat before launching into Born in the USA remains to be seen, but I've got my fingers crossed.


D said...

Wooh Springsteen! Was awesome at the superbowl.

Rust would be bad. But if one rusted he might just go win another one =P