Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Well, duh.

Behold, this little beauty which made it's way into my inbox this morning.
Yes, apparently it's predicted that throughout the duration of Glastonbury Festival, it's believed that 120,000 people are likely to drink hundreds and thousands of pints of beer and cider, while at a music festival in Somerset, over a course of three or four days.

Shocking, I think you'll agree.

Whatever next, fireman puts out fire? Heat wave linked to temperatures?

Talking of temperatures (did you see what I did there?) you've gotta love the BBC for their weather forecast.

"One thing is certain, Glastonbury 2009 will be the warmest and sunniest for quite a few years. Unfortunately, by the weekend things could change and the traditional mud bath is a slim, but very real, possibility."

Ah. So we're definately possibly having rain then. Unless we don't. Brilliant.


Anonymous said...

helpful as ever...