Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Parking hassles.

It was a real struggle finding a parking space this year. Here, part of the inappropriately dressed Midsomerset News and Media team arrive on site to pick up their wrist bands, before being dragged, kicking and screaming back to our desks to carry on working on our papers.

Oooooh. Sparkly.

Once again, the wristbands are made from something I suspect is asbestos and wearing one is like being bitten by lots of little tiny insects, all at once.

Traffic is pretty heavy, but people are passing the time with parties inside their cars - singing, hanging out of windows, having wees at the side of the road and generally acting as if they're already inside the gates.

...I wish I was inside the gates.


Tomi's #1 fan said...

nice wellies tomi!

Tessa said...

HIIIIII! So excited!

D said...

That bracelet looks like it was made by a five year old with glitter. Have fun with that.

And those are awesome giant rubber boots. I want a pair.

Jaqui said...

Can we have a close-up of the posh wellies modelled by you & Tomi? I hear diamante feature on one of the sets?

Laura said...

Jaqui - I believe Justice-boy collared Jase and demanded a welly close up.