Sunday, 28 June 2009

One step beyond!

What can you say? It was Madness. At Glastonbury.

If there was ever a band who were forged with Glastonbury in mind, it was...well, it was probably The Levellers, but Madness have to be pretty high up there, too.

Suggs was in a chatty mood, stomping on to One Step Beyond and storming through a repertoire so extensive that it blew my mind and I had to google how to spell repertoire and it still doesn't look quite right. The crowd were in high spirits after Jonesy and didn't need any encouragement to get to their feet and start bouncing around like the drink-fuelled, exhausted, sunburnt, sweaty people they are.

Our House, Baggy Trousers, Wings of a Dove, You're an Embarrassment, House of Fun..the hits came fast and furious and the crowd couldn't get enough. The men in black closed with It Must Be Love and the whole crowd went ballistic.

Just so much fun. Despite achey feet, bad backs, stinky armpits and the threat of rain, the whole crowd was on their feet, and doing the Madness walky-dance without a shred of shame.
By the time they finished, we were all practically delirious with joy, a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon and on a high and a half.

Course, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds were up next, to bring everyone down to earth with a bump. Couldn't really deal with his unique brand of songs about smashing people to death with stones, so headed off.