Sunday, 28 June 2009

Why, why, why?

Is it still Sunday? That's the problem here, the days are full of so much that they merge into one glorious confusion - what day is it? It's uh... a day. Brilliant.

And what a probably-Sunday. The Quo, Tom Jones and Madness. My feet are aching from doing that weird walking Madness dance thing for the last couple of hours. I'm not sure what the Tom Jones dance was, but I'm sure I was doing that.

Not really a huge fan of Tom, but my Mum is so I felt the need to represent. Sang along with the songs I knew - which wasn't that many, but still more than I was expecting. Tom's the man, and took pity on us poor people towards the back of the field and demanded that the sound man pumped up the volume so we could listen to his songs in their full glory. Most of the set passed in a glorious blur, but remember What's New Pussycat, Delilah, Sex Bomb, You Can Keep Your Hat on, Mamma told me not to come and EMF's fantastic Unbelievable as an encore.

Wasn't too close to the stage this time, so here's an idea of the atmosphere. I don't think it'll put the BBC out of operation, but there's nothing quite like being surrounded by bunch of drunk people singing their heads off at a former coal miner stood on a stage that started out life as a cowshed, or hearing an entire crowd go "Ha! Ha! Ha!"


sizzi said...

The voice he has the voice see if you could belt out a number like he does you need good people around you and the love of music and fans that just like the look of you and how you sound remembering how your bread is butter never goes far wrong either thats all there is to it really

Anonymous said...

See if any of these odd bands are around in the nect 10/20 years without staying power they won't even be remembered.

Your mum said...

I like Tom Jones.

Liz P said...

I loved Tom's set, was stood at the front at the barrier and Tony Christie was about 3foot away watching from the other side of the barrier! Was so excited he was playing and it even managed to convert a sarcastic friend who kept me company because they were too tired to go anywhere else. Her closing comment was "think i've got a little crush" Ha ha ha ha!