Friday, 9 October 2009

Playing the odds.

Let's take a look at the bands the Bookies seem to think will be stomping around the Pyramid this year. Not scientifically, or logically, of course. That would be too sensible.

Rolling Stones 4/1:

Yeah, I can see it. And apparently the Stones have already said they'd play the festival if they were asked, and got a bit huffy in 2007 when they weren't asked. It's been rumoured that Michael Eavis has wanted 'em to play for a little while. Although the Eavises said they wanted the festival bill to be made up of people who'd performed across the forty years the festival has been going, which...sadly, doesn't include the Stones, it seems a pretty good year for them to make their first appearance here. And let's face it, "Rolling Stones, Glastonbury Festival and 40th anniversary" all in the same sentence sounds pretty damn epic.

Coldplay: 8/1:

Eh, I can see it, but it's not doing anything for me. It feels like Coldplay show up every year. Michael and Emily are good friends the band, as well as huge fans, so it's probably a pretty safe bet they'll be on board for the 40th anniversary. Sadly, I can't find myself getting excited about this - Coldplay have always left me, uh, cold.

David Bowie 8/1:

Oooh. Now there's a thought. He played in 1971 and again in 2000 - making him a prime candidate for the anniversary festival, according to the Eaviseseses criteria of finding bands from across the festivals history to grace the stages.

Muse 10/1:

Muse are colossal, and they've already shown up at Glastonbury a couple of times - their operatic prog rock makes a perfect festival closer. I can see it happening, sure enough, but...honestly, I'd kinda like to see someone a bit more legendary closing. They can have a slot, though. I’m generous like that.

U2 12/1:

I.. can't see it, really. With their political and environmental leanings, you think they'd be a shoe-in, but somehow I can't imagine St Bono descending from on high to grace us with his presence, somehow. Just a feeling. I’m sure they’d be worth watching, even if I haven’t liked anything they released since The Joshua Tree.

Arctic Monkeys 12/1:

I'm sorry. What? No. A boring generic indie band who sing about booze, sex and being famous? Thanks, but no thanks.

Radiohead 14/1:

Oh dear. Hopefully, Mr Eavis won't let them back on his farm after they moaned about the festival not being green enough, or whatever it was. Please, no more Radiohead. Ever.

Prince 16/1:

*shudder* I really hope not.

Elton John 16/1:

Nnngh. You don't get much more kitsch or camp. I can see a Worthy-Farm-wide-singalong of Crocodile Rock taking place without stretching my imagination too much. I can see it, but I won't be weeping into my herbal tea if it doesn't happen.

Red Hot Chili Peppers 16/1:

Computer says no. Every year since I've been going to Glastonbury, this lot have been rumoured. Not that I wouldn't like to see 'em, but for some reason I can't see it happening. Would be very happy to eat my words, though. With ketchup.

Kings Of Leon 16/1:

I just don't get this band. I watched 'em at Glastonbury a couple of years back to see if I'd like them any better live. I didn't.

Green Day 20/1:

Can't see that happening. They should've played there a couple years back when American Idiot came out, but I think all the hype around 'em has died off a bit now, hasn't it?

Robbie Williams 20/1:

Possible. Everyone loves Robbie, don't they? Or do we hate him now? Either way, he's nice to look at.

Stone Roses 20/1:


Madness 25/1:

Madness are awesome live, and I had a blast in the crowd watching them this year. Don't really see them as 40th anniversary closers, though. Last but one, maybe? That'd work.

Spandau Ballet 25/1:

Wait? What? I'd rather scoop out my eardrums with a melon baller, thanks.

Manic Street Preachers 25/1:

Haven't really liked 'em since Richey went missing. They don't particularly offend me, but I doubt I'd make the trek from the stone circle to the Pyramid to see 'em.

Take That 33/1:

...I'd probably have to write an outraged letter to someone. I'd even sign it "Angry, from Glastonbury." There would be words like "shocked, appalled and outraged" in it.

Oasis 33/1:

Didn't they break up? Did anyone really care?


Anonymous said...


Tom Stephenson said...

That bloke from Boyzone might make a come back.

Teej said...

If Elton John plays Glastonbury, I'm gunna find a way to meet him and make him fall for me. If for nothing else, merely because it would mean I could stay in a motorhome rather than a tent.

Reggie Peach said...

I can see Take That and Robbie doing a reunion at the festy.
and I'm betting one or both are one of the headliners.
The Stones seem likely and Led Zep I've heard are certs

Reggie Peach said...

and now I hear Bon Jovi

Reggie Peach said...

2 to 1 faves for the Saturday night Pyramid stage slot is a Take That/Robbie Williams reunion!
Who'd a thought it?