Friday, 30 October 2009

More vicious rumours

OK. rumours. And who do we have?

Take That + Robbie Reunion(tm), and by all accounts, Led Zep. And definately not Pulp.

I'm not even going to bother hiding my delight at the rumours that Led Zeppelin could take to the Pyramid stage. I lost out in the Led Zep lottery when they toured a few years back and Page and Plant are rumoured to be in talks with the Mighty Michael Eavis.

Led Zeppelin! I mean..The Immigrant Song, Stairway, Cashmir, Rock n' Roll, Black Dog. On the Pyramid Stage. On the 40th anniversary. It's just SO perfect the mere idea makes me want to weep with glee. As far as legendary goes, they don't come much better than Led Zep. Even if they were big on writing non-sensical songs about hobbits.

Take That?

Oh. No. Please no. PLEASE don't let that on the Pyramid Stage.

Robbie Williams?

Yes. Why not? He's a bit mental. He doesn't suck musically. And he has that fairly generic thing going on which means that everyone likes him (which sort of means that nobody really likes him, but still). Robbie can come and play, but his friends have to wait outside.
(Honestly, I've never quite forgiven Take That for wiping New Kids on The Block off the musical map.)

And who else do we have? Foo Fighters?

No complaints here. I've been holding out for some metal to show up at Glastonbury for more years than I care to remember, and while it doesn't look like Trivium are going to be invited, I'd be willing to settle for Grohl and Co showing up.
And they are very, very loud.

Fatboy Slim? Seems likely. Meh.

Madonna? I'm not entirely sure how she got her 'legendary' status, honestly. Still, I'm in favour of her going - pretty much because everyone would go and see her, leaving me able to visit the markets and food stands without having to push my way through the rampant hoardes of revellers.

And not Pulp. I don't mind a bit of Pulp, honestly. Shame that they're not coming, but I won't lose any sleep on that.

Oh. Apparently Arcadia is going to be 15 acres bigger next year, too. Awesome.


Anonymous said...

Foo Fighters! Awesome. Hope they play so you can talk about how Grohl likes to eat the mic when he starts screaming.

But really, he's awesome. That's my vote.