Thursday, 5 November 2009



So. Earlier this week, someone in the office got chatting to Michael Eavis, who happened to mention he was running on two hours sleep, since he'd only just got back from seeing Green Day in concert.

But he thought they were "more of a Reading band."

But now said colleague has launched himself excitedly across the office, waving a copy of The Independent in front of my face, and pointing out that Green Day are touring the UK in June, playing Manchester on June 16, and Wembley Stadium (...stadium? Sheesh, I thought it said Arena - Green Day can fill a stadium these days?) on June 19.

And as we all know, his year's festival kicks off on the 23rd of June, leaving the cheeky California chappies ample time to get to the site, pick up their anti-baceterial handgel and pitch up a tent.

According to their Website, they're in Paris on the 26th.

...wonder how they'll be filling the days in between....

Oh, also Muse have apparently been having some cosy chats with Mr Eavis recently.

And this lot have confirmed appearances:

Jamie Strange
The Dolphins Fly
The Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band
Veed, I dunno who they are, either.


Tom Stephenson said...

My mate played the first note in the first Glastonbury ever (Andy Davies of Stackridge) Does that make me your hero, or just an old fart? (don't answer).

Laura said...

Anyone who comments regularly on the blog without me threatening them with violence is my hero. You get a biscuit as thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Muse and Green Day. I like.

But...but who the heck are the other people? Time for Google!