Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Stone me...

So, the Rolling Stones have thrown the festival rumour mill into chaos by announcing they won't be playing at Glastonbury this year.

In fact, they won't be touring at all this year.

How could the bookies have got it so wrong?Now who can we expect to take the remaining two headlining slots? How much fun is speculating on the as yet unnamed headliners going to be? Bucketloads, I reckon.

I'm gutted, to be honest. The Stones are legendary and the idea of them being on the Pyramid on the 40th anniversary was pretty high up there. Still, I've still got my hopes on Led Zep. I'm not sure that U2 have quite reached legendary status. I'm thinking along the lines of David Bowie, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, The Sex Pistols, The Who, Black Sabbath... someone classic, someone huge, someone who changed the face of the British music scene.

Actually, there are really no words for how much I want to see The Immigrant Song played on the Pyramid stage.

Added to the rumour mill recently are Madonna, Pixies, Squeeze, The Chemical Brothers, Vampire Weekend, The Wurzels (please put them on the Pyramid Stage, pleaseohplease..) and er.. Will Young. I can't imagine her Madjesty deigning to set foot on any stage smaller than the Pyramid, so if those rumours are true, that would fill another headline slot. Muse and Coldplay sound like shoe-ins. Muse are pretty cool, but it feels like they're there pretty much everywhere. And..meh. Coldplay.

I'm..not sure. There's nothing there so far that's really screaming 'classic' at me. Although my colleague has been trying reasonably hard to convince me that with 30 years in the biz under their belts, U2 are up there. So far, I'm not convinced.

I know that as far as line-ups go, it's hardly anything to complain about, but.. it's the 40th anniversary, you know? I want legends. I want classic. I want the people who didn't get a ticket to turn a lurid shade of green in jealousy when the headliners are announced.

Please don't let us down, Mr Eavis.


Reggie Peach said...

I'm not a fan really.
I saw them in 1985 and even then I thought they were a tribute to themselves.
Muse would be nice and RATM should definitely play but we know the thinking of Mr E towards RATM but alas they're doing a huge free gig somewhere apparently to thank the UK for the Xmas number 1.
John Lydon and Iggy Pop playing a sell out show would be good as in they sold out - BUT - don't they all?