Thursday, 15 April 2010

It's official!

The line-up's been released and to celebrate, the blog has a brand-spanking-new look, which for some reason reminds me of the DVD artwork for Boogie Nights, as we prepare to countdown to another Glastonbury Festival. By we, obviously, I mean me and the three people who read this blog.

The headliners were leaked a little while back - U2, Muse and Stevie Wonder - so aside from the no Rolling Stones shocka, there's no major surprises there. Sure that they're all worth seeing, but nothing I'm particularly jumping up and down about. The line-up looks…reasonably standard, honestly. Few familiar faces - The Magic Numbers, who seem to be there each year, Muse, Seasick Steve, The Wurzels. Lightening Seeds look set to lead the crowd into a mass-singalong of Three Lions, as I'm guessing their Saturday afternoon slot will take place just before England go up against Algeria in the World cup.

Few surprises - a couple of which I'm delirious about - Coheed & Cambria and Slash, mostly. Been a huge Guns n' Roses fan since the year dot (Appetite era, obviously, before Axl sort of..went the tortured route) and followed Slash through Slash's Snakepit (including their torturous appearance at Monsters of Rock at Donnington) and Velvet Revolver. Coincidentally, I've also been planning my wedding to the axe-wielding, top-hat wearing guitarist since I was about 17, so this is clearly my big chance to bump into him backstage, seduce him with my looks, wit and intellect, get married to him and live happily ever after.

Local favourites Reef take to the Other Stage on Saturday morning - can't go wrong with spending a Saturday morning being asked to Place your haaaaaaaands, before indulging in a bit of immersive-post-hardcore-progressive-concept-metal with Coheed and Cambria. Awesome.

Urk, just seen that The Wurzels on the Avalon Stage clash with C&C. Damn. Damn. Damn.

Levellers to close at the Glade. On the 40th Stevie Wonder hands down for me. Got to admit that my first thought when I heard Steve was playing was "Cool, I can leave early." Now I'm thinking that the Levellers closing could be, in it's own way, kinda epic.

So, not much more to speculate on - apart from the weather, of course and the outcome of the England Game. The line-up might not be as 'legendary' as I was hoping for, but there's a couple of acts I'm genuinely excited about (and for once, they're not novelty acts that're good for a laugh) and I've got a couple of months to figure out how to sweep Slash off his feet and plan our subsequent wedding on a white-sanded beach in the Caribbean.

Better get on that.