Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Poor Bono.

Blimey. What a difference a week makes. Suddenly we're plunged into chaos and turmoil and fresh speculation. It's a bit like the general election, only more interesting.

Will it be Coldplay, or Dizzee? Will rank outsiders Led Zepplin step into the breach? Will Beyonce wiggle her booty on the Pyramid? ..lord, I hope not. Perhaps it was all a conspiracy, and the Stones were going to play all along, but the bookies didn't want to pay out.

I've got my fingers crossed for a legend. Michael and Emily, if you're reading this, might I humbly suggest Led Zep, the Stones, Bowie or The Pogues? I've been ever so good this year and I'll leave you out a glass of cider and some home-made cookies. Maybe have a bit of a chat with Slash and see if he can arrange a Guns n' Roses reunion? Yes, I know him and Axl are all handbags-at-dawn now, but perhaps a walk around the healing fields could help them to put their differences aside and reunite one of the bestest bands in the whole world, ever.

In the meantime, for everyone else, here's a few more pictures of the site coming together. And look at the long drops! Ah, I have some fond memories of them. Particularly the time when the guy in the cubicle next to me popped his head over to ask if it was my first time at the festival, and was I having a good time?
 Not long to go now!
And just remember - flying kites and balloons is bad mmmkay?   


Tom Stephenson said...

Someone told me in the Bell tonight, about what happened to Bono, and I said - "Oh my god, that's really bad news". They asked why?!, (as they didn't think I was a bono-head) and I said that it meant some stressed out post from Laura to contend with when I got home.