Saturday, 26 June 2010

Celeb update

Have had a pretty good celeb spotting thing going on this year. Sadly, Olaf the King of Norway was not in attendance this year, but I have seen a Flaming Lip, a Magic Number, a Seastick Steve (complete with bottle of booze in his back pocket) and my traditional sightings of V.V Browne and Newton Faulkner.

And someone who was possibly a Scissor Sister, and someone we thought was Gwyneth Paltrow, but turned out to be Kate Moss.

Jason thinks he's spotted Lauren Laverne, too. Not bad.

I also didn't spot Slash in a crowd, but someone who looked enough like him to make me all excited about tomorrow.

OK. Time to wander up to Ed and up my step count.

P.S It's also REALLY hard to eat a plate-sized yorkshire pudding filled with bangers, mash, beans and gravy with only a wooden spoon. Not even a Spork! It could have been utter carnage.

P.P.S I'm pretty sure that if you cut me, I'd bleed suncream, at this point.


Tom Stephenson said...

'Sunscream' - that's in Newquay isn't it?