Saturday, 26 June 2010

Over-tired philosophy, or musing or something.

While I was in the crowd, faceless amongst hundreds of thousands of people, I think I figured out why I like Glastonbury so much. It's never really been about the music for me, it's not reaallly about the green stuff, despite the fact that as the reporter for the Street and Glastonbury area, I've been known to 'let my Glastonbury' show, while ranting about eating contests and things like that. But I looked around and then I realised that there wasn't a single grumpy face anywhere.

Yeah, we're covered in dust and sweat, yeah, we're totally gross, yes, we've had to, as Jason said, to play 'a weird version of Frogger' to get across the streams of people leaving the stage, but there's a part of me that feels like I've made 139,999 new best friends. From Chris and Matt, the neighbours, to the work colleagues I've come with, from the people who stand next to me in the crowds, to hanging out with my sister, to the people who just wander around the markets, dressed in stupid clothes. I might not know their names, they certainly don't know mine. Well, my sister probably does. And Justice did. But still. We're all enjoying this incredible experience together, we've all got something brilliant in common for these three days, and it's awesome.

And as the sun set behind the Pyramid, and Ana Matronic was banging on about being family, for a moment or so, and doing some slightly dodgy dancing, while around me a huge chunk of the crowd were indulging in their High School Musical fantasies and had arranged some sort of synchronised dance routine, I could kinda believe it.

So here  I am, after 'playing a weird sort of human Frogger game' (Thanks, Jason) trying to cross the streams of people as I left the Pyramid, and stealing electricity using someone else's Blackberry charger, I feel kinda like I belong. And it's awesome.

P.S 7,875 steps, apparently. Yesterday was 10,435. I'm slacking.  Up to Cabaret for Ed Byrne later, that'll put my count up.


Tom Stephenson said...

I see that you have - at last - found someone who is holding, L.