Thursday, 10 June 2010

Suspicious packages.

The following box has just arrived in the office. I love getting presents.

Amid ridiculous scenes of excitement, akin only to those seen in households with young children at Christmas, I tore it open, to reveal:

And I'm officially in love with the people from Crocs, who have very kindly coughed up a pair of Wellies for me and Ollie to test-drive at the festival. Ollie's boots are in a very manly black:

While mine are in a bright, cheerful red that will no doubt make me look like a garden gnome. They are, according to the box, comfortable, fun, versatile, active and original.  They claim to be odour resistant, for which I'm very grateful, ergonomic, lightweight, comfortable (I really hope so..) and anti-microbial  - very useful, particularly when faced with the infamous festival toilets.

They are wonderfully light and I'm already in love with them. But, of course, because the weather at Glastonbury Festival can be notoriously fickle, they also very kindly sent me a pair of flip-flops, too, in bubblegum pink.

I haven't opened them yet, for fear of invoking the wrath of the rain god.
Thank you, Crocs. You are truly, truly fantabulous people, and I can't wait to try them out.

What kind of wellies define me as a person? Free ones! Bring on the rain!

..or the sun.

P.S I also like chocolate.


Timothy said...

I'd have beat Ollie up and stolen his. Make him look like the garden gnome.