Friday, 4 February 2011

Yet another Rolling Stones no-show?

Rumours were rife this week that the Stones would be headlining the festival, when put up an image of the Rolling Stone's gurt big mouth logo.

All of a sudden, the entire music press worked itself up into a bit of a tizzy. Was it a clue? Did the villagers know something? Had Michael let something slip when picking up a bit of shopping at the village stores? Would the wrinkly rockers add the Pyramid to their 50th anniversary tour?, apparently not. Not according to their booking manager, John Giddings, anyway. Who tweeted that  "the rolling stones are DEFINITELY not playing glastonbury."

 Is anyone really that surprised? Probably not. Although if I was the webmaster at, I'd use my powers to whip the musical world into a frenzy with false rumours, through the medium of band logos. 
Just sayin'.