Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Odds on...

Just had a bit of a wander around the web to try and find out who the bookies favour for this year's festival. As always, the odds come from Paddy Power who seem to lead the charge in betting on headliners, for reasons I've never really figured out. ..people will really bet on anything, I guess.

So...without any further pre-amble...

Even looking at this photo annoys me.
U2 - 7/4

Yes, last year I said I couldn't see Saint Bono descending from on high to perform on the pyramid and had to eat my words when they confirmed. Course, I was technically right, because he promptly fell off stage and they ended up having to pull out. The band have dropped some pretty big hints, reminding their fans (apparently they still have some. Who knew?) when Glastonbury tickets were going on sale, and even releasing a song named after the town. Or possibly the festival. But as the band have announced they'll be continuing their 360 degree tour between February and July 29 - they're in Baltimore on the 22nd, and East Lansing on the 26th, so...we'll see.


Coldplay - 5/1

Gasp. I am SO shocked to see Coldplay on the list. They hardly ever feature on 'might headline at Glastonbury' lists. Can I just copy and paste what I wrote last year?

Ok, Glastonbury?

Radiohead - 10/1

See: Coldplay.

Looking for a pointy home in a quiet location in Somerset...

Muse - 12/1

They headlined last year, for goodness sake. Yes, they're very good, but honestly they might as well just move into the Pyramid, the amount of time they spend on it. I'd be surprised to see them again this year.

Sex on fire? Might wanna get that checked out.

Kings of Leon - 14/1

Oh God, not this lot. I just  don't get this band. They're just so unlikeable. I don't get it. Why do people like them? Why? Their songs all sound the same weird and whiny and none of the words make sense. I think they've had a year off, so it's not unfeasible they'd be back. Sadly.

That guy from My Name is Earl, with some other guys.

The Killers - 14/1.

They're sort of catchy in a generic American rock band sort of way. They don't do anything for me, really. I can sort of imagine Brandon Flowers wanting to get involved, though.

Lady Gaga - 16/1

Blimey, you need to be careful googling her, don't you?
She's everywhere at the moment, isn't she? The girl can't sneeze without it making headlines. She was last there in 2009, but I imagine she's pretty high in demand at the moment. Probably worth a wander to the Pyramid for, I figure it'll be a good show, but...I'd still ditch her if Bill Bailey, or The Wurzels were headlining a stage somewhere.

Why, yes, this is a blatant excuse to stare at a shirtless Anthony Kiedis.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - 33/1

THE. SAME. DAMN. RUMOUR. EVERY. YEAR. I wish they would come, just so people would stop saying they were coming and I'd have someone new to write about. That said,<3 RHCP. Plz come.

Praying for an invite?

David Bowie - 33/1

Eh, I'm up for that. I like Bowie. I have no idea why I do, but I just do.

Put a ring on it, or..some such nonsense.
Beyonce - 33/1

I don't like Beyonce particularly, but...I got a feeling about this one. The Eavises have a bit of a habit of hitting you with a star you weren't expecting. really?

Girls Aloud - 100/1

I think they're more likely to play Download. ..actually, I'd pay to see that. It'd be hilarious.

Like, it'd be totally awesome, you know?

Britney Spears - 100/1

Mass singalong of "Oops, I did it again" at the Pyramid anyone? ..No, didn't think so.

Cook for 90 minutes at 180 degrees C...

Abba - 33/1

I think there's more chance of me headlining honestly. Still could be fun. And I look great in a pair of flares.


Ixion's Disciple said...

Girls Aloud at Download? Daphne and Celeste at Reading flashback!

Whither Bon Jovi? Zeppers?

I'm thinking a tenner on Beyonce is a good bet at 33-1...