Thursday, 23 June 2011

And we're off!

Have finally moved onto the site , and, as usual, there's no connection to the outside world, so I'm resorting to have to type this out on my phone.

Conditions on site are muddy and slippery, I've already had to have a wet wipe bath, but everyone seems to be in a reasonably good mood, except for a few security guards.

Campsites are pretty busy at the moment - latest figures suggest there are just over 93 thousand on site, 36 of whom have been arrested, and 12 of which have been carted off in a ambulance.

It's not surprising considering how slidey it is, but the mud is navigatable (if that isn't a word, it should be). The traffic coming in was incredibly quiet. No queues as we drove up to the gate, but the car parks are doing a pretty good impression of a swamp.

Watching my sister unpack was a bit of an education - she's bought eyelash curlers, for goodness sake. But since she's already got men beaming at her all over the place, maybe she's on to something.

Well, the pink pirate flag and the tent are up, but the internet is down, so I guess I'm off for a wander.

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Anonymous said...

I get that the mud's responsible for the injuries, but I wonder if it's responsible for the arrests too? Also, the word you're looking for is 'navigable'. :p

Anonymous said...

Do you know anyone thats got arrested or is everyone drug free and happy?

Anonymous said...

Eyebrow curlers are a must wherever you go of course, but it sounds especially useful there. Mud does wonderful things for the skin dontcha know, so now's the time to look more fantastic than ever.