Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Basecamp Billie Blog

Have just returned from a triumphant trip to Worthy to bag a bit of real estate for the gang. It's pretty muddy out there, but depending on what weather forecast you read, things are getting better. Or worse.

Still, three tents set up by one chick and one guy, without argument or drama and in the space of about an hour. Not bad going really.

This year the camp is dedicated to Billie Bear and all tents are proudly sporting Billie badges in honour of the furry little guy.

The traffic was really light, and we had more problems trying to get the car through the mud than we did anything else.

What little I saw of the site was full of exhausted but happy looking people trying to pull little handcarts through the mud as they searched for a suitable place to camp.

Tomorrow, I return to the festival armed with the numbers of friends and colleagues, a couple of litres of vodka and clothing for every eventuality.


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Anonymous said...

Didn't have to fight anyone for your space?

Clearly you went early or got a poor spot.

Here's all fingers crossed for no more rain!

Anonymous said...

I demand pics if you manage to get the car stuck in the mud on the return trip and have to push it out. But really, I'm hoping for no rain. Really.