Saturday, 25 June 2011


Zomg. Disaster. The lilo is no more. I have no idea what I did to it, but it managed to deflate itself and when I tried to blow it back up again, it stayed the same shape. Did a bit of exploring and I've somehow managed to split the damn thing.  No more living on a lilo for me, I guess. Rubbish.

Attempts to repair the lilo with a spare blister plaster were, sadly, fruitless, and my lime-green companion will need to go to that place in the sky where lilos go to die. I will mourn you, my friend. You were squeaky, and slidey, but you were mine.

Thankfully, Uncle Ollie came to the rescue with his spare self-inflating air bed (a bit of clever, that) and saved me from having to buy a camping mat.


Not quite so bad.

I also have blisters. Although the Crocs are terribly comfy on my feet, they are a tad wide around the legs - presumably so you can stuff jeans into them. But combined with the mud here, where your wellie is constantly being half-sucked off your feet, I have blisters on my ankle bones. It's painful and it looks kind of gross. I've got some reasonably ineffective blister plasters on and two thick pairs of socks in a bit to make it manageable, but I suspect my next purchase will be some better blister plasters.

Blisters aside, the Crocs have been super on my feet and they don't ache at all - a huge improvement on previous years. If it wasn't for the blisters, I'd have nothing to moan about at all.

My sister has also hurt her knee, after she almost came a cropper in the mud. Told you that stuff was deadly. She's a little limpy, but 'ard as nails and has decided to 'ignore it'.

Alright. Back later!


Anonymous said...

God speed fair Lilo, god speed.

And good, thought we'd go the whole festival without Foot Problems. The world might end if that happened =p

The said...

Keep the mud out of them.

The said...

Who's the big attraction to-morrow afternoon please

The said...

will you be taking a look at the Kaisier Chiefs perhaps cos I like them.

The said...

Cold play I like them and I reckon they will raise their game to-night.

Laura L said...

Nope, no Kaiser Chiefs or Coldplay. Flogging Molly all the way.