Saturday, 25 June 2011

Sun! Sort of.

This morning I tested out the no rinse shampoo and conditioner. Took a bit of confidence as I was reasonably convinced that I was going to end up with a hair that looked like noodles, but, well, you haven't seen some of the hair around here.

Took pretty much the whole bottle to work up a lather, but it seemed to work. Then I poured on the conditioner, and my hair looks clean (if a bit mad) and feels surprisingly soft. It also seems to have a small colony of spiders living in it, but apparently spiders are lucky, so, woohoo.

One of the spiders that got lost looking for my hair

Considering a trip up to the Rabbit Hole later, which has the dubious attraction of being the only place in the festival I don't think I've found in my maaany years of festival-ing. StringerBessant are up there, (half of Reef, huzzah) and I promised Gary (we're like /that/ I bought a NKOTB single off him when he worked in Sperrings) I'd try and check it out, so he'll probably be looking for me.

...ooh, just seen the time. Better get moving.


Anonymous said...

Does having spiders living in your hair make you a superhero? I think it might.