Friday, 24 June 2011

The Inbredz

Joined forces with Ollie to trek to the bandstand to watch The Inbredz, who started off with a small crowd of locals and ended up with huge crowd of people from all over, bemused at the lyrics. I  don't think that there are many rap groups who could work around The Wurzels 'Combine 'arrvester', but they did it in style.

The Inbredz on the Bandstand
There's been a particularly menacing dark cloud lurking around all day, and it's just started to spit at me, so I've retreated to the relatively safety of the press tent, sandwiched between a couple of photographers who have all returned from chasing Wayne Rooney around the backstage bar. My sister, who has decided to be a budding pap took off after them, but failed to spot him. She did spot Alexis Chung, but someone walked in front of her, and she got a lovely photo of 'some guy' instead.

Have you hugged a troll today? I have. Twice.

Made it to the cabaret tent for a game of Glastonbury bingo (clap if you've seen a guy with a facial tattoo...)

The weirdness of the Crocs mud magnets continues. For your viewing pleasure, can anyone explain why, despite walking in the same bits of mud, my wellies appear to have half of Worthy Farm stuck to them, and my sisters don't?

A mystery never to be explained...
We're being promised 30 degree heat tomorrow. Oh gosh, I really hope so. Good thing I packed the suncream. It's hard to imagine at the moment - I know Glastonbury isn't Glastonbury without the mud, but a bit of sun would be just smashing.


Anonymous said...

Maybe mud just loves you better.

When in doubt, blame Gremlins. Mud Gremlins actually sounds kind of horrifying.