Friday, 24 June 2011

To do list.

1) Meet up with friend #1
2) Meet up with friend #2
3) Find colleagues who are due to arrive on site at any moment and direct them to tent
3) Shangri-la/Block 9/Arcadia
4) See a band, or whatever.
5) Eat some sort of Yorkshire pudding based meal
6) Hug more strangers
7) Trek up to the stone circle and come over all philosophical
8) Find self, also clean socks
9) Get mildly freaked out, but also sort of proud that people are reading this (thank you.)
10) Stop scowling at clouds.


Anonymous said...

So you have to do all of that scowling up at the sky periodically? Since that's your last thing.

Better take pictures while going through Shangri-la or whatever else you get to, don't skimp out!