Monday, 13 June 2011

The official Glastonbury Festival weather watch starts here.

It's the Daily Mail's fault. They declared a drought, and the heavens opened and it's been cold and bucketing down ever since.

With 9 days to go until the gates open, I've been perusing the long-range forecasts this week - as always, the results are mixed - but as a selection:

Weather Outlook is forecasting a dry, but not particularly warm weekend:

Wed 22 JUN - 15 °C
Thu 23 JUN - 14 °C    
Fri 24 JUN - 14 °C
Sat 25 JUN - 14 °C
Sun 26 JUN - 16 °C    
Mon 27 JUN - 16 °C sums things up as "Cool and showery."

And the obscure Norwegian site my other-half swears by (sounds like a Vicky Pollard quote, but probably isn't one..) hasn't got the information up yet. Obviously, these are all subject to change, and Ollie is still convinced that it's going to bake. So, who to trust, The Weather Outlook,, the Norwegians, or Ollie?

"And in the South, high pressure sweeping in from the Atlantic will mean we can expect sunny periods.."

Feeling rather smug as I managed to buy a tent at the weekend. Although I'd been offered one to borrow, I saw this one on Ebay - three man, so there's plenty of room for my hair straighteners and stuff. It was sitting on eBay on Friday night for a bargain price, and after some frantic research, it turned out to be pretty much ideal. Banking on everyone else being at the pub, I stuck in a bid and managed to snag a £60 tent for the bargain price of £15, despite some cheeky so-and-so trying to trump me at the last minute.

What Chez Blog will look like, once it's delivered. Hopefully.

I must also confess that I have bought a flag to help me find said tent. Although hospitality camping is smaller than the usual campsites, there are still hundreds of tents to chose from, and I can pretty much guarantee that at least 90 of them will be identical to mine. Therefore, a flagpole and flag was added to the shopping list - although, before you all threaten to stab me to death with the damn thing, I hearby swear not to pull it out of the ground and wave it at any of the main stages.

New rucksack looks just about the perfect size, big enough for all my stuff, but not quite big enough that I could set up home in it. So far, the whole thing seems to be coming together nicely.

Weather, please take note.


Anonymous said...

Their's something in the air.

Anonymous said...

Huh. That is a bargain. You win at Ebay?