Monday, 6 June 2011

Preparation. It's what you need.

My festival preparations began in earnest this weekend, courtesy of Ebay.

First. I have a bone to pick with the world in general.

Why was I not informed that this stuff existed?

I must have missed the memo.

No-Rinse shampoo and bodywash. For years I've been wearing bad hats and giving myself wet-wipe baths, and it turns out that there's a whole range of stuff actually designed for washing your hair, conditioning it, and cleaning yourself that you don't even need to have any water hanging about the place for. The world must be told! No longer will festival goers be forced to stink up the great outdoors - we could be fresh as daisies, sparkly-haired and coiffed to perfection.

And this stuff has been around since 1948!! 1948! How could I not know about this? Why did no-one tell me? YEARS I've wasted trundling around the festival site looking and smelling like something that's fallen out of the backside of some wild creature, and it was all entirely unnecessary. These guys seriously need to work on their PR. They'd make a killing during festival season, if people knew they existed.

Alright. What else did I buy?

A 40l rucksack. I'm not entirely sure how big 40l is, but from the picture it looks like it's somewhere between 'the size you use to carry your books in when you're at school' and 'back-packing around Thailand on my gap year', so I'm hoping it'll be just about right. And hopefully, not bigger than I am. Some of those rucksacks are bigger than my house.

No Rinse shampoo? Check. TV? Fan?
Once again, I'm borrowing a tent, and have  sequestered a small army of men who have promised to help me put the damn thing up and do heavy lifting if so required.

A pair of shorts, because..I'll admit it, I'm mildly hopeful that we'll have decent weather this year.  And I did manage to talk myself out of buying skirts and dresses, because that would be the equivalent of turning up without my wellies.

I downloaded the Glastonbury Festival ap for my phone. I have no idea why, really, since I did the same thing last year and didn't use the damn thing. Still, it might come in handy if I lose my map thingy (highly likely), get lost (reasonably likely) or just want to show off (very likely.)

I think I've got just about everything else, or can beg/borrow/steal/cry-until-someone-feels-sorry-for-me-and-gives-me-theirs.

The next big thing to work out, is of course, the wardrobe. It's more or less sorted in my head, but is, of course, subject to last-minute changes according to the weather.

Gosh, I'm organised. I'm feeling oddly proud of myself.

It won't last.


Anonymous said...

My friend Margaret is going she is 64 and going on her own for the first time and I'm very worried about her is there a lost pensioners tent?

Laura said...

Not knowing where you are isn't the same as being lost. She will /love/ it :)