Friday, 28 June 2013

Been a funny old day

Obviously, it's hard to say exactly what consists of a funny day at Glastonbury Festival. For example, today, I saw a man riding a bike that was actually a piano, singing a song and blowing a horn. I've seen policemen on stilts, which is..well..a bit brave, given the fact it's still a bit muddy in places. As my friend Lewis pointed out, you don't want to slip in mud while on stilts. You could do yourself a right proper mischief.

As you do...
The weather has also been funny. We started with rain, had some glorious sunshine and now I'm sat wrapped up in jeans, a hoodie and a hastily bought pair of ethic handwarmers, because I can't feel my hands anymore. In short, my wardrobe today has been: skirt, t-shirt and leggings. Skirt, t-shirt and suncream, considered buying sunglasses. Skirt, leggings, t-shirt and hoodie. Skirt, legging, jeans, long-sleeve top, hoodie and gloves. I also shouted at the weather and the tent, and the internet stress until Ollie gave me a Brandy to shut me up.

My quote of the day came from a t-shirt. Believe it or not, there's some quite profound ones doing the rounds this year, and today I walked pass a guy wearing a shirt that said 'better three days of rain in a field than one sunny day trapped in the office.'

I nodded my head sagely to that.

The fancy-dressed masses seem to be creeping out of the woodwork now. I've seen a muscle-y Captain America, someone that I think was dressed as a tribute to 80s Hair Metal (unless that's back in fashion and I missed it), lots of Superheroes, which I thoroughly approve of, some pink ballerinas, a lot of onsies, a man I thought was on stilts, but actually just turned out to be very tall, and a man dressed as a robot.

I am reasonably annoyed at having missed Professor Green and Dizzee Rascal (I don't particularly like them, but Prof (what /is/ he a professor of, exactly?) was good live at the Pilton Party and I figure Dizzy would get the crowd moving, which would make me feel warmer.

I did catch a bit of the Vaccines, though. It was odd. Just a few minutes in front of the Pyramid, the bass so loud that it was vibrating in my ribcage, I forgot the stresses of trying to work when the internet doesn't want you to, felt the stress ease away and had my own, little Glastonbury moment.

The Vaccines: Teenage icons
I am rather looking forward to tomorrow, having made lose plans to watch Primal Scream and The Rolling Stones from what I'm reliably informed is 'the party tent' and for a repeat performance of last year's hanging-out-backstage-in-the-theatre field, which resulted in stumbling back across the fields declaring that everyone I met was my best friend.

Which..well..for a moment, they were.

OK. Having tapped this out on my Smartphone, I'm heading off to see the Arctic Monkeys, because, dammit, I WILL catch an actual set at least once this weekend.