Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Monkees

I spent most of last time rammed into the crowd at the front of the Pyramid for the Arctic Monkeys. I was reasonably disappointed to discover I only know one-and-an-eighth of any Arctic Monkey songs, and it turned out that one of them was actually a few lines of Yellow by Coldplay.

Arctic Monkeys - well, sort of.

Still, it was good to join the masses, marching under a hundred silly flags to claim our own, tiny patches of flattened beer cans in the name of the proud nations of 'Where's Al?', Spongebob Squarepants, 'Spiffing Choons!' and 'It's my first Glasto, say hi.'

The crowd, bless them, were fun and friendly. I found myself rammed up against a man's arm pit, almost unable to move my arms and forced to pogo in a bid to free my arms. I will admit to being somewhat relieved when the guy shoved his way through the crowd a little, only to spend the next forty-minutes being doffed in the face by the girl-in-front-of-me's ponytail.

My view for much of the festival thus far

Another good night's sleep - despite awakening in a puddle of Pringles, spooning a bottle of cider and discovering my lilo had deflated during the night. I suspect a leak, but I can't be bothered to look. Damn thing.

Good news! Today the site is warm and currently sunny. I have celebrated with a sunglasses/skirt/trainers/t-shirt combination.

It's reasonably quiet at the moment - people still in their tents from the night before, the market traders just beginning to open up (those that bothered to close, at least) and the site full of those out on the hunt for an early breakfast, or staggering to bed for the day.

A campsite, yesterday.
The dry weather and hundreds of thousands of wellies have tramped the land down to something smooth and glassy, with bits of beer cans sticking out of it, fused with the earth.

Plans for today include: The annual Midsomerset News and Media cocktails at 5pm, someone that my sister is forcing me to go and see, and then a trip to the alleged party tent for Primal Scream and The Stones, of course.

Celeb spots include: Christine Bleakley last night, and that Parker-Bowles guy from the cookery show. And the Arctic Monkeys, but since they were on stage at the time and being watched by a billion other people, I'm pretty sure they don't count.