Saturday, 29 June 2013

Flags, gazebos and bottles

The flags are in abundance this year. It's like with the other festivals trying their best to ban them, they all go crazy here.

I love a good flag, me.

You have to feel slightly sorry for the guy who didn't get a ticket, though.

His friends have lovingly made a flag with his name and number on, urging revellers to get in touch with him and tell how sorry they are he isn't there, and letting him know what he's missing out on.

What lovely friends.

Banning things doesn't tend to work too well, though. I've got no doubt that with all the people streaming in there's just no way that everyone can be checked, but there's still a bunch of gazebos lying around and the 'love the farm, leave no trace' motto seems to be being almost entirely ignored. The ground is littered Mostly beer cans and plastic bottles, but to the extent that when you walk around all the main stages, you can't hear anything apart from drunk people screaming and singing, and the gentle crunch of tins and litter being flattened.

In my head, a passing Michael Eavis saw this gazebo and in a fury flipped it upside down while screaming 'I SAID NO GAZEBOS'. Clearly it didn't happen, but still.
You see the clean-up crews going around, gamely trying to pick up after people, but they might as well be trying to push water uphill.


Sad, really. All those lovingly hand-painted bins and all that rubbish.